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All system should be maintained, most of the casualty with regards to the fire happens due to the negligence of the maintenance of the fire fighting system, so we as a company provide regular maintenance to the fire fighting system, we have two type of maintenance category, we have a monthly visit maintenance team which will include one engineer and technicians with regards to the system available, they come once every month and do the maintenance and for any emergency break down they will be available within they required time of the client, then we have a shift based maintenance where we will provide technician who have sound knowledge in the system they are dealing with and are fully trained in to do the fire fighting rescue, in a day there will be three shifts for this particular type. At the every month end we will provide with monthly report where the full detailed history report is given to the client and to the office.

Every three months there will be a mock drill held by our team to clients as well as to the security agency. During the visits all the system will be thoroughly tested and will be shown to the clients. Due to the changes in the rules set by the government of India and regular fire breakdown in our country the governing authority have amended the rule that every six months Form B should be provided to the Local fire brigade by the client on behalf of the fire contractor just to keep the tab of the fire fighting system on the premises. Hence maximum effort is given for the safety of the people and the property


We performs audits for any type of commercial and industrial places, we do thorough inspection for the fire fighting system which includes the fire hydrant system, sprinklers system and fire alarm system and give details report, we give ideas and suggestion on how system can operate in the best possible way without any losses of the resources and have less losses in life and property during a fire incident. Every audit a report is given along with necessary form B or requirement of fire office in that place, all the suggestions are given as per TAC or NBC rules.


We perform our design and engineering in accordance to relevant national and international standards and codes. Following are the major standards /codes used in our day to day design and engineering functions:

  1. National fire Protection Association –NFPA(USA)

  1. FM Global

  1. Underwriters Laboratories(UL)-USA

  1. Bureau of Indian standards (BIS)-India

  1. VdS Germany

  1. Loss Prevention Certification Board(LPCB)-U.K.

  1. European Standards(EN)

  1. National Building Code(NBC)-India

  1. Rules of Local Fire Authority.

  1. Statutory bodies /departments where applicable


Quality Control in our products and services in accordance with National and International Standards, codes and Philosophies such as ISI, UL, FM, LPC (CFO), NFPA etc., is a way of life in our organization which we perform on a continuous pace in our day to day working on daily basis on Engineering and Design works we perform and we undertake the Quality Assurance as the primary responsibility of every individual from Chairperson to an ordinary workman and implement it in each stage of Engineering as an integral part of our duty.



Our Quality control begins with the identification of the right product manufacturer who can provide us with products of highest standard and quality with respect to both material and workmanship. Moreover we ensure that their products are tested, approved and marked for quality by institutions such as ISI, UL, FM, LPC etc. and valid certificates are available for the product. We verify manufacturer’s test procedures and certificates for ensuring required standards and codes.

Supplies are accepted from vendors only if the material is accompanied by:

  1. Valid Test certificates from testing authorities.
  2. Valid license to use certification mark.
  3. Manufacturer’s test certificate for the lot manufactured against our supply.
  4. Chemical and physical analysis report of raw material from independent laboratories. (wherever necessary)


Our Q.C. Engineers conducts inspection and routine tests on products and dispatch to work site is permitted only after ensuring its quality. At the work site the products are again subjected to visual inspection and random tests. If found necessary the samples are sent to reputed laboratories for physical and chemical analysis tests.


Only qualified and trained technicians are deployed at works/project sites. They are only permitted to work under the direct supervision of our qualified engineers to ensure that quality workmanship is routinely adopted at each stage of fabrication and erection.

In addition to this our senior managers periodically visit the site to check on compliance with the quality Control scheme. Meetings are held periodically and solutions to correct discrepancies if any are found and signed off.


All underground pipes are hydraulically tested after fabrication to a pressure not less than 150% of the working pressure for not less than 2 hours. Our engineers thoroughly check each welded joint for any leakage /perforation and the test results are recorded for future verification. The welded joints are also subjected to 10% random radiography test engaging independent NDT testing agencies. Wrapping and coating against soil corrosion for U/G pipes are holiday tested to ensure conformity with the relevant standards before burying underground (done only in case of hot coating process).


Test formats and checklist are handed over to the erection or commissioning team while undertaking the trial run of the erected system. These formats and check lists are made in accordance with national and international standards and codes of practice. Our erection and commissioning team is fully vigilant while taking the trial run and thoroughly inspect each component for its accuracy. In Case faults are detected during the trial run, it is immediately rectified to ensure smooth performance of the system.


Once the entire system is subjected to trial run for sufficient period and fault if any is rectified, the system is offered for final testing and commissioning. These tests are witnessed by the client before the system is handed over to the client. Training is imparted to the client’s representative and manuals are provided for their knowledge and records. Necessary guidance for getting maximum possible Insurance Premium rebate from their insurers is also offered when required.


ABLAZE SOLUTIONS strives to exceed customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services in the field of Fire Protection Systems through timely completion in a congenial ambience. We do so by continual improvements in our systems, products and resources while meeting relevant rules and standards in force.


  • To achieve the business target, quantitatively and qualitatively, within the time slot through enhanced customer relation and effective management in all related areas.

  • To ensure timely completion of the projects through periodical reviews.

  • To identify changing demands and latest developments in the field through periodic review of information from national and international institutions, regulatory organisations, periodicals and journals related to company’s activities.

  • To plan up-gradation of processes, products and personnel skill to meet changing demands of customers and monitor implementation of same.

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