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Fire Hydrant System

A fire hydrant also known as the hydrant pump system and booster pump system and is the most common and efficient way of fire fighting. It is used in each and every area where fighting system is required. It is also effective in most cases, all authorised general bodies use this system and advice to install it.
It consists of two type hydrant system
1) courtyard hydrant system,
2) wet riser fire hydrant system

Both are used in different places where it is applicable, these kind of system can be installed in Residential buildings, Commercial complex, Shopping Complex, Warehouses, Industrial places. Hydrant system mainly consists of piping system around the entire boundary of the required premises and will be connected with wet riser of high rise4Building if required which will have courtyard hydrant valve, water monitor (for industrial purpose), Hose reels, cut of valves etc. The system can be operated manually and automatically to the required conditions of the Premises.

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