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Sprinkler system

A sprinklers system is effective and user friendly system and has 97% success rate. It is used in commercial building, warehouses, hospitals and places which can accommodate more than 100 people at a time and mainly where the owners avoid maximum damages to their property. For sprinkler system automatic system preference is given, hence in sprinkler system operation, minimum amount of manpower is required and is easily operable, design of the sprinkler system is done according to the NBC standard. Sprinklers chosen according to the conditions for example position the sprinkler and the coverage area the sprinkler has to cover. It can be upright, pendant or side wall and the other factor is the temperature at which the quadrozoid bulb will burst .Look at the chart below giving the description.

Temperature Rating

Colour of fluid within bulb.

57 Celsius


68 Celsius


79 Celsius


93 Celsius


141 Celsius


182 Celsius


227/260 Celsius


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